A story about forests, people and wood.

The Australian Forestry story has deep roots in Aboriginal culture, European settlement and pioneering, industrialisation, expansion and still, today in all aspects of Australian life. Forests have always been central to Australian culture, industries and landscapes.


The Woodworks Museum and Interpretive Centre re-defines the Forestry Story through live demonstration, science-based education and state-of-the-art interpretation. You will see fascinating relics of forest history, lovingly restored and working in live demonstrations.




The Open Day 30 yr Celebrations were a great success.  The Bandsaw was operating, thanks to Adrian Hose and a big thankyou to the Gympie Historical Machinery Association for all the great pieces they brought along for the day. The Woodworkers Club had lots of visitors to their clubhouse, with scroll saws operating, and Shirley Harris doing pyrography as people watched.  Some lovely old tractors, loving restored were on display. Gympie Landcare’s  Ernie Rider as ‘horticulturist in residence’ gave lots of good advice and Wayne Ellems made some fabulous barista coffee for everyone.  Let’s not forget the volunteers working away at the sausage sizzle department. A big thankyou to Heather and Peter, Tony and Carol, Chris and Laurie,  Jim, Pete and John Davis.


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Hargan’s Saw After

Hargan’s Saw Before

Have a look at the saw running now!!

 You will also see a broad range of interpretive displays on the region’s forest industry, from its historical roots through to modern-day machinery and forest management techniques. Gain a better understanding of the region’s unique forest ecosystems and the role they play in the landscape and the carbon cycle.



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The Woodworks Museum and Interpretive Centre will foster a new appreciation for this truly sustainable industry and the role that it plays in sustaining our community, their employment, tourism and our environment.

Located on the Bruce Highway on the northern side of Gympie, Woodworks is open from Monday to Saturday 10 am – 4 pm. Entry is $5 per person.

Contact the Woodworks office on (07) 5483 6535 to arrange group bookings and live demonstrations.

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